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Summer 2017 MPC Classes & Groups

If you are looking to become involved at MPC through a class, small group or another group, then this is the place for you! Below you will find a our Summer 2017 classes and groups that contains every possibility for you to get plugged into something here at MPC.

Once you have decided on a class or event, you can register right here for that particular class and you will be enrolled in it. Once we receive the online form, someone from MPC will notify you to verify you are enrolled.



The Essentials: A Class on the ECO Essential Tenets

How do you build a church?  An engineer or an architect might be able to offer some thoughts.  Our Essential Tenets tell us what the church is and what it has to say about God, about others, and about the wider world.  This class will thoroughly explore the eight essential tenets of ECO – 1) God’s Word, 2) Trinity, 3) Incarnation, 4) God’s Grace in Christ, 5) Election for Salvation and Service, 6) Covenant Life in the Church, 7) Faithful Stewardship in All of Life, and 8) Living in Obedience.  You will learn the essential vision of God, others, and world that governs the leadership of our churches in ECO, and you will learn it through Scripture, confessions of the church, and conversations with Christians from centuries past.  You will be equipped to stand firm in Christ in this (or any other) time of moral and spiritual confusion.  How do you build a church?  Come find out!  The class will include a curriculum available online and will meet for two hours weekly.  For college and older.  This is a nine-week class.  Starting May 16 – Aug. 1 – 7:00 – 9:00pm. Room 9  – Loretto Road Campus.

You can sign-up through our online form below for this upcoming class.

The Christian Year – October through June each year

Does your calendar make it difficult to fit Christ in?  Which calendar do you follow?  What is the shape of your year?  Maybe its January through December.  If you are a student maybe it is September through May. Maybe it’s time to switch to the Christian Year.  The Christian Year is a small group unlike any other.  It is a series of classes which follow the Christmas/Easter/Pentecost story of the Christian Year and also includes classes which help us to reflect as Christians on shared moments in our secular year – sports near Super Bowl time, capitalism near Tax Day, humor near April Fools Day, etc.  We trade off teaching each other, with plenty of opportunities for reading, laughing, and lamenting.  This class will equip you to be a better evangelist.  It will give you a deep memory of traditions beyond our time and place.  It will give you joy and buoyancy of participating in a collective faith that is far greater than your own private thoughts and feelings.  This is a class for the lifelong student of any age, and anyone who cares about the future of the Christian faith in our country.  For high school and older.  The class begins in late October of each year and ends in late June, and meets nearly every Sunday from 3-4pm.

Small Groups and Summer Meet and Greets

Did you know we have over 55 groups at MPC who meet for prayer and study and fellowship together? We are so excited about the many ways that God has been working in our many small group communities at MPC. Group members are growing in their faith, learning more about God’s Word, caring for each other and serving our community together.

If you have been wondering how do I get connected at MPC? How can I grow in my faith and in community with others? Come meet other folks in your similar life stage this summer at a breakfast meet and greet. Whether you have little kids, no kids, or an empty nest. We will have a chance to meet at a Sunday Breakfast and to get to know each other and learn about the possibility of doing a 5 session bible study together. We will work with you to find a time that works with your schedule. If you are interested to meet some others in your life stage at MPC this is your chance. Contact Jessica Konker by email or call Jessica at 904-680-9971.


To register online for any of our classes complete the form below and submit it. You will be contacted prior to the start of the class or group.

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Groups and Classes Registration Form Summer 2017

Inside this catalog is a variety of classes and groups that will provide opportunities for you to connect with other people at MPC. As MPC grows we offer community groups as a way to get to know each other in ways that Sunday worship services don’t allow. More and more, we want to focus on Christ’s invitation to join with others to learn how to “love others to love Christ,” and these opportunities are an essential element of living into our community in Christ.

Each enrollee must register, including children. Please enter 1 form per person. You will be contacted by the group facilitator. Groups will be filled on a first come first served basis. Please don’t check boxes if you are simply looking for more information. Stop by the information booth on the Loretto Road Campus or e-mail Jessica Konker ( with questions.
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