High School

In our High School ministry we are passionate for Christ and living out our mission to Invite, Connect, Equip and Serve.  We offer a variety of programs and events for every step of your faith adventure.

High school is a time that we really start to figure out who we are and what impact we want to make on the world. High schoolers are passionate about their interests, they love their friends, and they can be crazy busy. MPC is here to come along side these students and walk with them through this time. We offer times that are comfortable to hang out, that are spiritually challenging, and that give students a chance to put their faith into action. We have a place where any high schooler can feel like they can be themselves and be accepted for who they are. So come on out, we can’t wait to meet you!


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With all that is asked from high schoolers in the world today, students need a place where they can chill, hang out with friends, meet new people, and learn what they were made for. Crave has a coffee house feel complete with drinks and snacks, a live band, an occasional skit, a game or two that’ll entertain you, and a talk to really get you thinking. Then there is a small group time so you can get real with people and be there for each other. Crave takes place Sunday nights from 6:30-8:30, so get your homework done early in the weekend and don’t miss out!


9:08 is for those who really want to get to know the Bible and how to live out their faith. During this time we have some hang out and music time at the begging followed by some awesome teaching! The guys and girls split up during the teaching part to help students feel more free to be real. It takes place Sunday mornings starting at 9:08, but you can show up a few minutes early if you want. Don’t worry if you have no time to eat, drool stains and sleep in your eyes, we are just happy to have you as you are and breakfast is on us!

Go M.A.D.

Jesus told us that He came to earth to serve and not to be served. Our hope is that we can model our lives in the same way. At various times throughout the year we have special events planned for our high schoolers to Go MAD – ‘Go Make A Difference’. This could be helping out with the children’s ministry’s annual Pumpkin Jam, serving food at a homeless shelter, loving on refugee kids, or serving in any way that God would allow us to show His love.


We are of the strong belief that High Schoolers have a lot to offer. We use a ton of High Schoolers to volunteer with our middle school ministry. Some play in the band, some set up, some tear down, some do skits, and some even lead small groups.


Medical Release Waiver Forms – Middle School and High School

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