The History of MPC

Mandarin Presbyterian Church began as small groups meeting in several homes throughout Mandarin, a community nestled along the East side of the St. Johns River and in the South side of Jacksonville, FL.

From homes, the group expanded into the Mandarin Community Club, one of the few public meeting places available in the area.
original MPC campus in 1962
In October of 1962, MPC moved into it’s new home at 11844 Mandarin Road and continued adding to the church family. Expansion and growth has continued for the church and we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary in October of 2011 with ‘the Signature Event”,  a time of reflection of what God has accomplished and what  we as a church will be looking forward to in the coming years.
In December of 2000 MPC opened its newest doors to the sound of bagpipes and a procession of all its members praising God for all His mercies and providence in bringing us to this event, a legacy of nearly four decades of faithful work and hope. This campus is our current place of worship at 12001 Mandarin Road, known as the West Campus, just 1 block West of the first church now known as the East Campus. The East Campus houses our offices, preschool and fellowship facilities, the West Campus our worship space and Sunday School.

Below is a video featured at our Signature Event that highlights members, events and times of MPC during the past 50 years:

MPC signature_event_history video from Mandarin Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.