Mandarin Presbyterian Church is committed to reaching out to our community, neighbors, coworkers, and friends.  We want to love people to love Jesus Christ.  We do that by electing individuals to help oversee the body of the church. These individuals are put on one of three governing boards.


The 12 members of Session, are individually called Elders. The Session is responsible for the vision, mission and government of MPC. They provide oversight without micromanaging all staff and programs, trusting those that God has brought on staff here. The Elders set and oversee spiritual direction growth within the church. They encourage and support staff, and they commit to actively participate in the life of the church.

View our current Session roster for the serving terms of 2017-2019


A deacon is an elected and ordained member of the congregation who has been selected to serve the needs of the other members of the congregation. Deacons meet the needs of the congregation through a wide variety of ways, from praying with someone who is experiencing loss, to delivering meals to a family in crisis, or assisting in serving communion. Since the needs of any congregation is vast, so too, the reach of the deacons is very broad.

View our officers for the upcoming terms 2017 – 2019


The Trustees act in regard to the real and personal property of the church. They also manage any permanent special funds of the church. In our case, that includes our Endowment Fund and Scholarship Fund. Finally, they manage special funds for furtherance of the ministry plan of the church, i.e, building funds.

Current Trustees Classes:

Class of 2017: Chuck Tamblyn; Mark Wisniewski

Class of 2018: Pat Sullivan, Phil White

Class of 2019: Dennis Frick, Mike Horst, Greig Moyer