Mission and Beliefs


Mandarin Presbyterian Church is committed to reaching out to our community, neighbors, coworkers, and friends.  We want to love people to love Jesus Christ.  We do that by inviting, connecting, equipping and serving.


We believe there has never been anyone like Jesus, and we are committed to reaching out to our community, neighbors, coworkers and friends. We will do all we can to get as many as we can to encounter the love found only in Jesus Christ.


We believe that responding to the love of God found in Jesus includes connecting with His family, the church. We will intentionally connect with each other… encourage each other… and care for each other.


We believe we are called to align our lives with God’s purposes. We will help each other discover our gifts and grow our faith to be equipped for service.


We believe God gives each of us unique purposes that can impact our community and the world.  We will serve others in and outside the church, joining God’s kingdom work around us.

Core Values

Core values are expressions of the beliefs, hopes, and promises of an organization.  Mandarin Presbyterian Church will:

+ Glorify God and enjoy Him
+ Be Christ-centered
+ Be Biblically faithful
+ Have Grace-based relationships
+ Be in prayer
+ Connect and nurture all for ministry
+ Reach out and plan for those who are yet to come