Our preschool has been in operation for over 50 years (since 1964) and we enjoy an excellent reputation in the community, being recognized as one of the premier preschool programs in the area.

We are committed to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere in which your child can grow in knowledge of the Lord as well as cognitive skills. We are a fun-loving school dedicated to preparing your child for entrance into Kindergarten.

Our teachers are highly trained and take pleasure in what they do and the time they get to spend with the students. They provide multi-sensory experiences in the arts through various art mediums and exploration of music. They build confidence in the students for future success through accomplishing academic tasks and projects which reinforce cognitive skills and give the students opportunities for leadership. They begin to teach the students about the world they live in and how it works through science and cooking experiments. And they increase each students’ language capabilities through dramatic play and story based curriculum. Our teachers love what they do and it shows!

We offer classes for two year olds through four year olds:

  • VPK 4-Year olds (M-F)
  • VPK 4-Year olds (MWF)
  • VPK 4-Year olds (TWTh)
  • 3-Year olds (M-F)
  • 3-Year olds (MWF)
  • 3-Year olds (TTH)
  • 2-Year olds (MWF)
  • 2-Year olds (TTH)

For more information, to schedule a tour of the facilities, or to talk to an administrator, please call 680-6404. For fees, or more information to the preschool VISIT THE PRESCHOOL WEBSITE.