Daily Bread Food Pantry

Daily Bread Food Pantry

Daily Bread Food Pantry

Daily Bread Food Pantry

The Daily Bread Food Pantry at Mandarin Presbyterian was created to assist those families and individuals in need in our local area (Zip codes 32257-59, 32223, and 32217). The food pantry is open each Tuesday from 4:30pm – 6:00pm on the Mandarin Road Campus (11844 Mandarin Road, Jacksonville, FL. 32223)

Participants may come once every two weeks. No one will be turned away on their first visit but there after must have some evidence of current address including zip code.

“Food Insecurity” has become a national buzzword. Food insecurity occurs when an individual or household lacks access to sufficient, nutritious food that fulfills the dietary requirement for an active and healthy life. Commonly phrased, food insecurity exists when an individual believes they don’t have enough food to avoid hunger.

Almost 55% of children in Duval County participate in the free or reduced cost lunch program.

In Northeast Florida, 25% of families who visit food pantries have at least one household member working. One third of client households report having to choose between food and other basic necessities such as rent, utilities, medicine, or medical care.

Guest visitation to our MPC Food Pantry and Clothes Closet remains consistent. On average, through the first quarter of 2023, our 70+ faithful volunteers have contributed to the weekly distribution of 3 grocery bags full of canned and packaged products, breads and pastries, fresh fruit and vegetables, and dairy products to each of 45 - 50 households (inclusive of >120 individuals). Additionally, 15-20 guests each week browse and take advantage of unlimited items - for both work and play - from the Clothes Closet!  We at MPC are truly blessed to be a blessing to those in our community that need food and clothing assistance.

Oddly enough, one of our more continuous needs remains good old BROWN PAPER grocery bags (we use nearly 140 per week).  By electing paper in lieu of plastic bags at your grocery (occasionally), please collect and save them for us -- donate by placing them in the marked Pantry Bins at the Sanctuary or Church Offices. Of course, the consistent collection of donated dry goods remains a primary need, week in and week out.

Additionally, our Clothes Closet (with low inventory) is in need of clothing donations of all kinds. In particular: women’s dresses and blouses/tops, children’s clothes (all ages) and men’s shirts and pants. Congregation wide steady donations have served to fuel the fires of the Daily Bread Food Pantry for nearly 10 years!!    

Lastly, we appreciate and are grateful for your prayers for this ministry and our guests, as we near that 10-year anniversary.  God has truly shown his light on this ministry, and the love and support our congregant partners have consistently given since our first day has enabled us to be a positive provisioner in our community. April will mark the official transition of Wayne Gaff from Director of the Food Pantry to Mark Tanzler. Thank you Wayne for your faithful service to this ministry!



If you are interested in more information on this ministry or to volunteer please contact Mark Tanzler by email or call the MPC church office at 680.9944